Letting go of what is not serving me

Every religion, that I know of at least, say more or less not to be attached to possessions but more to spirituality.  I never quite grasped well how that was meant to be.

Lately though, I am understanding what it truly means to live a simple life with less possessions.  I have de- cluttered over the years a lot of things.  Some things though always stayed….like all the letters from my penfriend of the last 19 years! All my journals!  Books that I did love and enjoyed more than once but are now gathering dust and much more.

Keeping possessions that no longer serve us just create clutter.  They create dust in our lives.  Unneeded attachments which unknowingly might prove a problem to move forward spiritually.

I realised recently I needed to let go of more stuff.  I have been having a hard time coming to terms with these long romantic, nostalgic possessions…..going through them and giving them a last good bye.  Indeed though, it is liberating when I acknowledge that certain things are not serving me any more and need to move to a new house.  Looking at my possessions with new eyes and seeing what truly makes me happy, what makes our home feel homely, what is serving us to be a better family.

It’s a process that takes time, but times is ripe right now to embrace and move a bit more forward in my journey.


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