Electric Shock

The idea of the Live Green series is to bring more awareness on why we should live environmental friendly as much as possible. All the little things that we do help the world and no small amount is too little if each indivudual gives his share.

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Last Saturday was Earth Hour, the amount of people, businesses etc taking part in this initiative has been growing ever since its first appearance in Sydney Australia back in 2007. Earth Hour shows our stand to climate change and that we are waiting on our respective governments to finally do something concrete about it by turning off all unneccsary lights for 1 hour every 27th March @ 2030 hrs local time.

Generating electricty is the number one source of CO2 emmissions. We are now releasing this CO2 at an ever-increasing rate (around 28 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere just last year) and the layer of greenhouse gas gets thicker. This in turn makes the Earth warmer and it means that the conditions under which humanity has thrived are rapidly changing.

Burning coal produces far more CO2 than oil or natural gas. Reducing reliance upon coal combustion has to be the cornerstone of any credible global climate change prevention plan. If forests are used for fuel generation and not replaced, global climate change will be accelerated.

There are a multitude of technologies already available which can help us achieve this. However, technologies form just one part of the jigsaw. We need a revolution in the supply of energy to achieve this. We need to make a drastic switch from the current reliance on fossil fuel energy to a super-efficient system with new low- and zero-carbon technologies .

Us as consumers can do a lot to reduce the offset of the carbon footprint. Here are some food for thought which you can use:

  1. Buy energy efficient appliances
  2. Replace all bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or even cutting-edge light emitting diodes (LEDs).
  3. Turn off any unused lights (don’t let Tv’s, computers etc on stand by they use a lot of electricty)
  4. If possible install alternative energy solutions like solar panels to your house
  5. Save water as saving water, saves electricity!

Now its your turn— will you help to save electricity which not only saves our planet but at the end of the day saves you money as well!

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Live Green Series

I realised that I have lacked in my commitment to bring forward green thinking ideas and food ofr thought on my blog so I am working on a Live Green Series which will be held every Monday starting 22 March.

Why that day? It World Water Day for one thing and would love to bring awareness on the lacking of water resources especially on our island and well I am working on a nice logo to go with the series 🙂

I hope you will like my idea and enjoy it just as much as I am enjoying getting all the info together.

Bengal tiger in Mosta warehouse…OUTRAGEOUS

A Bengal tiger, one of the world’s endangered species, was yesterday discovered cavorting in an air-conditioned room on the roof of a warehouse in Mosta, sources said.
The three-month-old cub, a golden tabby, which is said to have cost its owner some €23,000, was being well cared for, fed chickens so it gets its daily requirement of lean protein and had a sizeable pen to roam in.
The discovery was made after a raid by members of the Animal Welfare Department, the police’s Administrative Law Enforcement and the Malta Environment and Planning Authority’s Environment Protection Department.

Please go on the following link Bengal tiger in Mosta warehouse for the full story!

This is the most outrageous story I heard this year in Malta!! I hope the authorities will be VERY professional and within a week the tiger is sent back to Bengal where it can be reinstated in the wild hopefully. They say they will check how it came in and if it has the necesary paperwork…maybe I am being stupid or something, BUT if this guy has the paperwork showing that it came legally (i.e. home or zoo bred) couldn’t he show it to them straight away this paperwork? and if such is the case was there the need for the tiger to be brought in not by the usual means and through the animal immigration?

The Bengal Tiger is a VERY rare species protected by CITES as an extremely endangered species and if the authorities do let this guy keep that tiger, I can say that the Maltese authorities will have gone completely and disgustingly low and should simply resign from their post! However, now I vented my feelings, I hope that they actually do the right thing so for now no more mud slinging till the verdict is out….