My heart is full


This week, it was full of festivals for us.  We started off with Independence day.

Normally this is not really celebrated here (except for the official big heads) and upon meditation felt that is one reason why there is a lack of patriotism and caring for our islands. so decided to start celebrating it with the little ones.  We had flags all over the family space, ate red and white food for breakfast and typical Maltese food for lunch.  We sang the national anthem as well during prayer time.

This year G is learning about Judaism and we celebrated the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah).  We did their traditional bread and lots of sweet food – to have a sweet new year. It felt strange doing a festival that is not really ours to say the truth, but it was very interesting as well.

Lastly we celebrated the beginning of Autumn with friends.  It was fun doing mandalas, singing, sharing food and stories.

Coming up our favourite festival of all – Michaelmas!



I have always been drawn to Waldorf Education and way of life.  Only I flitted here and there through the many different education options available.  Testing them all, till I went back to Waldorf…because my heart always sang that song.

So while I have been doing a lot of Waldorf things, it is now that I am really focusing on them in such a manner that it is starting to reflect in both the older children and myself.

Autumn, is the season of new beginnings really and so we have started with our seasonal table and our stories to help us transition into this new season with many new things in it.

To make more sense of our world.

I am loving this season just starting and all the possibilities it gives you.

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