I have always been drawn to Waldorf Education and way of life.  Only I flitted here and there through the many different education options available.  Testing them all, till I went back to Waldorf…because my heart always sang that song.

So while I have been doing a lot of Waldorf things, it is now that I am really focusing on them in such a manner that it is starting to reflect in both the older children and myself.

Autumn, is the season of new beginnings really and so we have started with our seasonal table and our stories to help us transition into this new season with many new things in it.

To make more sense of our world.

I am loving this season just starting and all the possibilities it gives you.

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May Day Festival

We celebrated May Day today. The pole full of colours and the children and adults around it looked so beautiful.  The children all had a blast playing with the ribbons, helping in gathering wood and adding it to the fire…especially ‘the fireworks’ (wild asparagus).

We had also some musical instruments which we played while everyone went round the pole.  We had a picnic lunch at the site, played hide and seek, ball and ran around enjoying the company.

It was a wonderful day! I feel lifted and fulfilled.

May day, also known as the feast of Beltane – marks the beginning of Summer.