School Year 2016-17


Another school year is upon us.  Home schooling is on the verge- but not yet there- so the children will have to go to school.  Trusting this will be a better year overall for them- especially G, who had a very bad experience last year and actually pulled him out from school for the last month!

This year though, it will be different on many aspects.  I learned so much in the past few months. Met so many people who where an inspiration to me. Made new friends for me and the kiddies and overall I feel prepared to meet  this years’ challenge.

We are endorsing the Waldorf method of schooling and life.  I have always been inclined that way, but finally, I can truly see it at work and I am happy inside and out.

I will still be homeschooling the children full time this year despite them going to school.  This way it will support them in their spiritual growth and balance off the stress of public school.  Most of our days will be spent baking, telling stories, knitting, moving and drawing.  We will exercise the will, the patience, the love, the courage, the whole body.

This week we started Maya’s school year at home 🙂 We are telling the story of Super Sam the gnome.  Since this week’s story Sam picked peaches and preserved them, we did the same.  We bought some peaches, ate some, preserved some and baked with some.  Next week it will be apples I am so looking forward!


Changing the system of parenting through family meetings

We’ve changed family meetings at home from weekly to every season.

I am rethinking this.

I am also thinking how we normally do it and how it can change to empower my children more.

Normally I coax everyone to say something positive towards each other that happened throughout the week/month.  Since it has been pointed to me that it is more like asking them to do something against their will (which upon consideration I agree), I will myself just say something nice to everyone and give them the possibility to say something themselves if so they choose to do.

Instead of asking for sudden inspiration on current problems, I told them this morning that on Saturday we will hold a family meeting. I asked what time would be good for them to which they told me time we usually come from school. I also asked them that I wished them to brainstorm and write/ask help to write on ways how we can keep each other safe or in other words safety rules.

I would still love to end the meeting with some sort of game or anything that would help us connect even more.

I am curious to see what they come up with.

The storm is brewing

It’s been only 2 days and the tension is visible and taut already.

Every afternoon, his bursts of anger have re-started after a nice mellow Summer.  I am already finding it difficult to connect with him and keep my inner peace.

While I was expecting this change, I thought the ‘honeymoon’ would last at least a month.

I am keeping low, letting him guide the time and do his work according to his wishes.  I am trying not to let him rile me up.

I am fed up of family telling me that it’s only till he get used to school again.  There is nothing to get used to really! He knew the class and children and teacher.

Yesterday the highlight of school was no punishments! The second piece of information he felt he had to disclose was that they got a sticker chart….yeah you know the incentive?  Upon asking indirectly about his day as in anyone made you laugh etc etc his reply was I do not know I do not want to talk about it.  Eventually I asked how he’d rate his day and gave me a 5 out of 10.

Today’s highlight was he got a sticker but he wouldn’t say why and he wouldn’t say anything else about school – except that he was angry as he didn’t have enough time to draw and had to draw it for HW.  The rating again was 5.

And since 5 seems to be the good days, I shudder at the thought of the bad days.  I vacillate between seeing what the school think they can offer as help because again counsellor will not help solve the issue.

So I brace myself for what is to come and trust I have enough positive discipline ingrained in me now to help me weather this storm brewing