Loving 2011: day 15 to 24

I am playing catch up still as I haven’t had much time to do these prompts 😦 so here  we go

day 15: Books

I have read lots of books this year.  However, the book I loved most and I learnt most from is a book entitled A Voice for now by Anne Dickson.  It is one of those books that teach you a lot.  Brings you insight and realise how stupid you sometimes are not to heed certain insticts of yours.  I am glad that it was one of the books I had to read for my Breastfeeding Counselor Course.  Its been an eyeopener.

day 18: Gaps

This prompt left me to wonder.  What gaps did I have this year?  Lori-Lynn mentioned art and yes it was one of the gaps…I felt myself cringe when I read it.  I look at my 2 blank canvases everyday and think I will do something about it- but I haven’t!  I think that one of the gaps that need to be filled up next year is art!

That said I also look at my rosary.  Every week I plan that we as a family start saying the rosary again and every week we do not.  It bugs me.  I feel it is important to fullfill this as a family.  So first and foremost, the gap that needs to be filled is saying the rosary.

day 20: Family

Maya was  a planned baby just like her brother.  However, what we did not plan was the energy she provides to the family.  The smiles, the love, the hugs.  Really I could go on!    I defenitely never thought how the dynamics of this family that had quite settled down would change so topsy turvy that 11 months later we are just about to start settling.

How the love she gives to us all makes her indispensable to our household.  How she is capable of making you feel love in your heart so deep it feels like it will explode even just now thinking about her.  Maya – without you our lives would have defenitely been less colourful.

day 21: Letting Go

Anger has been my worst enemy ever.  There were a few times were I got frightened of myself because I feared anger is taking over.  I now realise it is no use containing anger as it will fester inside and the anger will just grow and grow and grow.  I am still working to find the original source of my anger.  However, working slowing and letting go and acknowledging to myself that I am angry has helped a lot.

Letting go has been the most important experience I have learnt this year.  There is no space in my life for anger.  I will eventually let go of it completely and once I will I know my life will be much more fuller.

day 22: Nature

I have always been amazed by nature and have always complained that we do not have any in Malta.  I have been proved wrong and I am so happy about it.  With the books we have provided Greg to learn about nature, I have started to see so many beauty around me that I have never seen before.  It helped me embrace my country more.  The beauty that surrounds our countryside is short of wonderful. 

I am glad to be able and commune more with nature.   To enjoy the silence and comfort it provides.  To see the work of God and how perfect it has been to do all those tiny flowers.

day 24: Trust

I do not know when but at a certain point in my life I stopped trusting.  I wanted to be in control of everything.  I still do!  Yet the children showed me that I need to trust.  To let go. To love.  This was one of the years were I learned more on trust than any other.  Surrendering and letting go are still major issues but I feel myself more relaxed and more able to trust the judgement of others.

And after this I realise what is Worth keeping for day 23

It is worth keeping up my work on trust and anger.  OF letting go and building up.  Of giving myself new foundations and new default settings in my system.  IT is worth all this work because they make me a better, mother, wife & friend.


Loving 2011: day 12 Time


How have I spent time this year and how can I make better time next year?

Time is always a factor of great concern to all I suppose.  How many times we say that we do not have enough time?  If I think how I spent my time this year and what I had wanted to do originally I see a big difference.  Mainly because it took us 11 months to settle down with our new addition which is no longer a baby but a toddler.

I decided not to quite plan my time for 2012.  The reason is that Gregory should be starting kindergarten in February and since there is a big question mark on how he will react to it etc I have not gone into details of how I want to spend my time next year. 

This year it was all about adjusting and making space for the 4 of us to find balance as a family, as a couple, as mother to my children etc.  We have I believe neared the most approximate we can for now in balance.  Next year I hope to find more time for me actually.  A woman that is full time at home needs more time alone I believe because she has less interaction with the adult world and so has to find more time to make up for this. 


Time however cares for itself.  There no need to rush, no need to try and elongate the day ….. time is really a matter of opinion because if you feel balanced in all your daily activities and not rushed about, you are spending time well!

Loving 2011: day 11 traditions

picture from southern-born-and-bred.blogspot.com

Lighting Advent Candles, telling the St Nicholas story, watching DVDs Christmas related and of course putting up the decorations while singing Christmas carols. 

Wrapping up gifts, baking Christmas goodies, going to Christmas fairs and crib exhibitions.

It all sums up to Christmas full of beauty and good cheer.  It all sums up to a tradition we are building in our new family.  A tradition where baby Jesus is the focus and presents are on the back burner.  Where carol singing is encouraged and going out and about to celebrate this important feast is a fascination.

It’s been a good Christmas- the pediment of many other christmasas to come…..I am so looking forward to fine tuning this celebration till it feels completely ours to love and enjoy and cherish just like my childhood memory of this same celebration.