what’s new with the geoboxes

So far we only did the Italy geobox, the children get tired after school and while they ask for school to happen at home, it ends up with them not really into it despite their best effort.  So, it all went in hibernation till Summer.

However, there is a bit of twist to make all this even more interesting.  Before we start a geobox, the children will receive a boarding pass. It is an exciting way to pique their interest.  At the end of that study unit, they will get a stamp on their passports (we have our own version which I did myself).

While doing a particular country, we will cook traditional food of that place, watch movies if available, listen to music, look at art, read books and do crafts/activities all related to that country.

The children saw me setting up the lapbooks related to the countries we will be doing next and are anxious to start. Looking forward myself to next month so our school can re start!


Italy -3rd part

Last week we heard some more music from Verdi and Rossini.

We have also tried Italian food.  I did not take any pictures, but the food was a hit even with my son who told me he did not want to try new foods 🙂

I used this website for Italian recipes.

Spaghetti Carbonara and Pizza have been our family favourites for a long time, so we obviously ate some of that; but we also tried Rabbit Emilia Romagna Style which was a enjoyed by all.  We also breakfasted like the Italians with cookies….

Italy 2nd part

WE did a lap book to close up the first chapter on Italy – social studies/Geography.

We learnt the capital city, the countries & seas surrounding Italy, the highest mountain, the longest river, the active volcanoes, the artists, composers, saints of Italy as well as food and favourite sport.

This week we have also been hearing some opera from Verdi and Rossini.

Next week we will eat Italian food and read some history.

IMG_3191 IMG_3192