This is life

Sadness is when you are not heard
Sadness is when you are not listened to
Sadness is when you feel without support
Sadness is when you wake up with a heavy bleeding heart.
Lonely is the path of the truthful
Lonely is the path of your true self
Lonely is the path of your high standards
Lonely is the path but I know I am not alone
In grief I weep
In grief I bleed
In grief I am strong
In grief I live without bonds
Light my way dear angels
Show me the trail I am meant to take
Lead me by hand because I am fearful
Let me gather myself for the battle will be long


1000 graces from God no 9 -11

Life throws us a lot of unexpecteds.  Sometimes they are easy to deal with.  Others consume us with questions, guilt, grief and such emotions.  Grace no 9- remembering that God is our leader and we must submit to Him and let Him guide us in the quest called life.

I wanted the perfect baby shower but as already said things happen that makes us change tactics.  Grace no 10 – that just catching up with family and friends and having some time to enjoy their company is all we need.  Parties are just excuses to do so even if they turn out different.

Lately I felt more in tune with hubs and found this a wonderful bonding time in its way.  Grace no 11 – Knowing I have the prefect husband for me and doing something that makes him smile is always wonderful

Reassured yet confounded
Lost but knowing the way
Sad but finding happiness
Adjusting yet maladjusting
This is me and I trust me!