Day 13

Thursday is our outing day with the homeschool co-op.  Today we went to the Limestone Heritage where we learnt how stone is cut.  There were also some lovely animals to see and a punic tomb.

At home we continued school by baking a cheese cake.

Gregory was disappointed that we did not have formal schooling today and for me THAT was the best part of it!


Day 12

We had shared house cleaning today.  Maya had a bad day – so she spent it whining or crying.  I tried to be emphatic but it was beyond me today, I just got super irritated!

After house cleaning I was asked if we’d do school today 🙂 the answer was yes and Gregory freaked out when I gave him some new math to do, but then felt cool enough with it after he let me explain and saw that even I am not much good at this!

We spent the afternoon at the beach. Benjamin was the shark running after the older ones…wish I had some one to take a video of us!

According to my 6 year old, for the second time in a row this had been one of the best days this Summer.  Seeing that smile and joy is priceless! Trusting tomorrow my 4 year old will be happier.

85 days of Summer (days 1-11)

We started the holidays with a holiday.

However, the vacation wasn’t quite successful as we got sick before, during and after those 4 days!

The children though had some special dad time in the end and that was awesome.

Last week, we were still in sickness land but we also started the homeschooling programme.  Which has been a success so far.

top is mine, left is Greg’s & right is Maya’s

The beach happened only twice, but we intend to make up for it.  Benjamin loved it!