Spring Table

While we always had a nature table, it kind of some how did not remind us of the changing seasons.

I learned about season tables on the book All year round.  Loved the idea and started them in Lent.  It has been a great success and pictured more our moods and the seasons.

Our Spring table has an Easter garden which was a tomb scene originally.  The grass grew and we have a fairy lving there and a couple chicks. A felted butterfly is flying overhead and flowers are blooming.  Would love to have a small tree with eggs hanging next time and a rabbit.  They are still in the process of being felted.  Next to it there is our candle and the crown of thorns now all thorns taken out on good deeds and instead full with flowers; a small pom pom rabbit gifted by Maya’s teacher is also next to it.


What Lent is looking like


Lent at our house is looking like this.

The path of the caterpillar which in the last wek of Lent will become a pupa, is showing us both a count down to Easter and the transformative change for rebirth that happened through Christ’s death.

The Jesus tree, gives us daily Bible readings to help us in this journey.

The seasonal table helps us to remember even more where we are at the moment.

All this is then combined with daily activities to focus more on Lent and its meaning.


Shrove Tuesday

Today, is the last day of carnival and tomorrow we’ll start Lent.

So we celebrated……

We went to play on the beach…Benjamin’s fascination with the sand was awesome and when he realised there was water? lots of water? I had to hold him tight not to jump in!

Later we took ice-cream and cake and played at the swings and came back home exhausted and full of sand and smiles.

The sink is full of plates, the floors are full of grime, the clothes are a never ending pile of washing and folding…..but our hearts are full.

Tomorrow we will start sinking into our contemplative state. We will expand our hearts in different ways.