The cave of darkness

picture from wikipedia

This week’s adventure took us to Ghar Dalam or Cave of darkness!
We didn’t use the bus though there is one that stops right in front of it…thing is we both had a bad night and were tired so knew that if the busw as taken I was increasing the risk of a tantrum.  That said, (and we did have a small one to!) we had lots of fun.  Entrance fee is of eur 5 per adult, child free.  On going in you find a museum full of bones that where excavated from the cave.  These include, bears, elephants, deer and more.  It also had the skeleton of a few animals which Gregory simply loved watching.  To go to the cave you have lots of stairs so not accessable for the challenged person and you go through a garden which is lovely and quiet.  The cave itself is very nice and quite big.  Gregory loved going in and asking me what all the numbers meant.  We than had a snack in the garden before we headed back home.  another lovely morning together and which I reccommend to all with kids.


Gardens in Summer

Last week for our Toddler Summer Fun one on one time, we went to San Anton Garden.

We took the bus again up to Valletta than the first bus along towards Rabat, Dingli or Mtarfa.  In total the journey took 1 hr 20 mins.  We got to the garden nearing 10 am and although lots of shade offered, I admit it was still quite hot.  However, it was pleasant enough and we stayed there for an hour discovering trees, watching ducks, chasing pigeons and cats, looking at flowers and so on.  Gregory had a wonderful time and was exhausted by the end of it.  The long trip with the bus did not bother him at all!  Bring snacks along as not a lot of choices from where to buy.

Ceklem Karozzin

Today is the first of a series of posts in toddler Summer fun.  Every Friday I am going out for some quality fun time with my 2 yr 6 month son and discover the beauty of Malta.  These posts will cover what we did and what we think about it.

“Ceklem ceklem karozzin
Minn got-toroq imserrpin
Uri l-hajja taghna l-Maltin
Ceklem ceklem karozzin
Minn got-toroq imserrpin
Uri l-hajja taghna l-Maltin”

As our first outing, I took my son on a horse drawn carriage (or as it is known locally Karozzin) ride around the capital Valletta.  The price was of Eur 35 but got it down to Eur 25.  We caught our ride near the Upper  Barakka Gardens and the driver took us for a 35 min. ride of the capital.

pic from Malta insideout

The driver stopped every now and then to tell us what we were seeing and also giving us information of any museums we passed (opening hours etc) which was very nice of him.  He also gave vent to some of his current gripes but that was ok!  The ride was very smooth and the horse very clean and well kept.  Gregory was in rapture the whole ride and didn’t really wish to get down the horse at all.

It was great fun and I believe that even if I paid the full price it was worth the expense!  This has been a wonderful experience and would reccommend you the ride !