Letter to new mums

Welcome to motherhood!
Its a rollercoaster journey, full of laughter, pain, worry, happiness…..In this year and three months since I became a mother myself, I’ve gone through so many changes myself as a woman, mother, wife & friend. I can’t quite understand anymore how I used to live my life- it seems so dull, lifeless as it was..(though I do miss my lazy Sunday mornings!). And so much more changes from seeing my newborn to a strappy toddler whose joy in discovering life is ever so wonderous.

But now, you are just starting and my advise to you is to relax, enjoy your baby and forget the tornado that will be forming on your house. Don’t let pride in the way and ask help if needed. Bond with your little one and keep calm in his presence – remember he can feel what you feel! and get back your energies. Once you settle down, and find your rythm everything will look easier. Last of all enjoy motherhood because getting angry or upset will loose you so much charm of seeing your child growing up.

May your very first mother’s day be blessed with all your hearts’ desire.

This is Mamakats’ writers workshop prompt of the week. For more follow the link.


surpising mummy experiences

A week ago, mamakat had as one of the writers workshop prompts, to write 10 things that you didn’t know would happen when you became a mother. I know, I know am a week late but really I didn’t find the time to write it before now and its good to write down and note these things which most of the time unless specifically asked we don’t even realise they happened. So here are my suprising mummy experience:

  1. as a very impatient person, I never thought I would cultivate so much patience for my newborn
  2. the need for mummy friends- that are going through what you are going and so can relate and feel more relaxed with what is happening in your life
  3. the joy and pride when you see your child reach a new milestone
  4. the feeling of love that surges and fills your body and soul whenever you look at your child – so different to any other form of love i ever felt!
  5. the need to stop working and care for our child myself – sincerely I had never planned on it but when I had to go back to work I realised it couldn’t happen…so I worked 5 months as needed and stopped for good (and thankfully I could afford to do it)
  6. feeling the need to try and build a local mum community and built a website (still a long way to go but getting there slowly)
  7. understanding that its no use getting angry when things don’t go as I wish, my baby doesn’t understand that mummy is tired and would LOVE to just switch off and read till oblivion or wishes to relax in bath…

I haven’t thought of more things I didn’t know, but I have decided to think more about this and keep it in mind. And you have you got any mummy experiences you never thought you would go through?

book review: book you hate reading to your child

Mamakat’s writers workshop this week had as one of its topics a book review …..in reality I don’t hate reading it coz its ugly but simply coz I have read it so many times that I practically know it by heart and whenever I grab the book for him to read I start yawning so much I find it hard to concentrate. Has this ever happened to you?

Other than that the book is fantastic and its Dr Suess’s In a People House. This was originally a book my mum had bought for me and my sister and apart for us two, it also have undergone my sister’s children attention before ending at my house. So although it can get boring, I love the book….its a love/hate relationship…what else can I say.

And how about you any books which you truly hate or just can’t take it to read any longer?