Letter to santa claus

Following mamakat’s prompt this week, I was meant to write a letter to Father Christmas…however, didn’t have the time and right now I am on a quick reprieve and thought of jotting down a few lines 🙂 plus a quick letter!

Greg is much better but wants a lot my attention – hence no blogging!- was feeling quite tensed and my low on energy and impatient recently. Yesterday at yoga we tried a new posture upon my request and she said that it helps to get you sharp and energized. Anyhow, realised that the past week I didn’t do yoga apart in a class so this afternoon on Greg’s long nap of 2 hrs I did yoga and man it made such a difference….felt relaxed, calm and recharged again 🙂 so yes I can reconfirm to myself that yoga does help!

So a letter to Santa Claus would have been something like this:


It’s Christmas again and really I don’t need much…. but you know what I have been thinking? When me and Dave decide to try for a 2nd child, can you somehow make sure that this time its a girl? I don’t know I didn’t quite mind what it was first time round but now that I got my boy, I wish a beauty girl 🙂 it would round my life perfectly! So Santa you know my wish and it doesnt cost you any money!!!


What do you guys think of that huh?


practice generosity

Here is an exerpt from a beautiful article on generosity by yoga journal. Go read the full article and feel inspired!

In one sense, generosity is natural: We can no more help giving than we can live without the support of everything we receive. Verses in the Vedas describe the generosity of the natural elements, the way the earth supports us without ever demanding thanks, the way the sun shines and the rain falls. The universe is, in fact, a web of giving and receiving; to grasp the truth of this, we need only to remember the eighth-grade science trip to the pond, or to think about the life of a city, with its symbiotic, mutually dependent networks of relationship.
But if our essence is naturally generous, the ego fears not having enough, worries about getting hurt or losing out, feels anxious at the thought of looking silly or getting ripped off, and above all, looks for a payoff. So for most of us, there’s a continual push-pull between our natural generosity and genuine desire to share and the ego’s feeling of lack and its desire to drive a bargain.

Forgive & forget

I read this post on forgiveness and thought it would be nice to share! Here is an excerpt of it. You can view the whole post on this link.

Neither Annette nor Jake has grasped the basic fact that forgiveness is not
something you do solely for the person who hurt you. It is something you do for
yourself, for the sake of your own inner freedom. You forgive so that you can
live in the present instead of being stuck in the past. You forgive because your
grievances and grudges—even more than hopes and attachments and fears—bind you
to old patterns, old identities, and especially to old stories….